The Steering Committee is the decision-making body of the EUSHNet Network.

At inception it consists of seven representatives of the major professions constituting HPs in Europe and a cross-section of countries. The steering group is initially comprised of the three HPs and patient representatives involved in establishing the network, three further HPs and an ex officio representative of the medical EUSTAR network.

Once established the steering committee will, in perpetuity, comprise between six and eight members including fair representation of HP professions and relevant/contributing countries, one representative from FESCA or other relevant patient body and one representative from EUSTAR or other relevant medical body.


The roles of the steering group are:


  1. To establish and maintain the EUSHNet network
  2. To establish the constitution and operating framework of the EUSHNet network and ensure its observance
  3. To deliver the initial setup project to time and on budget
  4. To attempt to establish a sustainable model through which the activities of the EUSHNet network can be continued
  5. To survey and report on the existing state of the art
  6. To coordinate a network of National Champions able to undertake activity within their own geographical regions
  7. To develop a mechanism to prioritise a series of topics for ‘campaign type’ activity
  8. To facilitate and support the conduct of the campaigns
  9. To approve and deliver a plan for publications and dissemination of knowledge/ results
  10. To establish a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the development of EULAR HP networks in other disease areas