National champions (NC)

At the heart of the proposed programme of work is a coordinated network of NCs drawn from the body of HPs in each participating country. The strength of the EUSHnet network lies in the coordinated activity of small numbers of practitioners in large numbers of EU member states. The champions will be the interface between EULAR and their own national agendas and will be aided by the EUSHNet network in engaging with their own domestic SSc community in an organized and coordinated manner.

National Champions roles may include the following:

  1. to receive and cascade the suggestions of the SC to HPs in their own geographical region
  2. to make efforts to meet and engage with other HPs from varying backgrounds
  3. coordination and management of the Network activities within individual member states
  4. to provide a brief annual working plan
  5. evaluation of recommendations elaborated by the steering group and contributing to action plans as appropriate
  6. timely collection of data and, with the support of the SC, preparation and development of Network


  1. distribution of any documents and information connected with the Network activities
  2. contribution to EUSHNet reports/ publication plan and results dissemination plan
  3. conducting regular review of the network operation and local activities  against its objectives
  4. ongoing contribution to the dissemination of the results, deliverables and outcome of the Network activities.

Annual cycle: an annually defined set of activities will be coordinated by the steering group based on priorities defined in conjunction with medical and patient representatives.  National Champions will be tasked with specific activities mapped onto these agreed priorities.

To coincide with this cycle an annual meeting of existing and prospective NCs, along with all interested parties will be held, for instance in conjunction with the EULAR congress.

National champions will be nominated to countries according to need and availability. In the first instance it is envisaged that a maximum of three NCs per country would be required, with the named NCs acting as a coordinator to cascade information to other active HPs within each nation. Numbers in the various roles will be subject to ongoing guidance from the steering committee as the network develops.