The main aim of the EUSHNet network is:

To improve non-pharmacological care and rehabilitation, and reduce inequity through an international network of health professionals working in SSc.

This aim will be achieved through the following objectives:

I)                     To improve expertise of HPs through support for knowledge generation and better education

II)                   To facilitate communication/ exchange between HPs to achieve clearly defined standards of care

III)                  To establish standards of care and rehabilitation based on need, evidence and models of best practice


Activities guiding and falling within the terms of reference:

a)       Describing the current state of the art of HP practice in SSc to identify where we are in terms of research, practice and educational needs

b)       Identifying gaps in existing knowledge

c)       Setting an agenda for future projects

d)       Developing an inventory of existing knowledge and indicating resources available to disseminate where this exists

e)       Establishing a network of national champions to coordinate activities across member nations.

f)        Defining a core set of HP-relevant data including patient-reported outcomes for universal collection and pooling.

g)       Agreeing and facilitating a programme of work, aimed at rectifying poor or inequitable standards of care for people with SSC, and coordinated across nations.


Network Organization


The EUSHNet Network consists of a steering committee (SC) and a network of national champions (NC) who will engage with and coordinate HP clinicians in the own countries in the conduct of the activities of EUSHNet.